Lammens on the XXL holiday: “It’s the best of the last 10 years”

The Minister of Tourism and Sports, Matías Lammens, affirmed this Sunday that this long weekend “was the best of the last 10 years” in tourism and stressed that “a historic season is coming.”

Tourism activity, Lammens stressed, “is recovering and the effort and investments were worth it.”

“We are gradually recovering the life we ​​had before. It is much better than 2019. We have the best weekend of the last 10 years. The Mar del Plata chamber of businessmen says that (in that city) it is the best weekend of the last eight years and a historic season is coming, ”said the minister.

Lammens said on X-Rays, on Radio 10, that “we are very happy because more than four million Argentine men and women are walking throughout the country.”

“Tourism is recovering. They were worth the effort and investments ”, he emphasized.

Mar del Plata had an average occupancy of 98% this long weekend. Photo Diego Izquierdo

He also highlighted respect for protocols and capacity in Argentine soccer matches: “The photo we had of this week’s matches is different from last weekend,” he stressed, and said that “each of the jurisdictions he is responsible for compliance with the presidential decree ”in this regard.

Likewise, it valued the financing of the trips of graduate students in the province of Buenos Aires announced by the governor Axel Kicillof.

“I think there is an interesting reflection. On the one hand, guaranteeing all the boys to make the trip. On the other hand, it is giving an injection to a sector that was badly punished. I find the proposal very interesting. It is a measure that I think is very good, ”Lammens emphasized in this regard.

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