Lali Espósito’s ballot went viral with him "Frente Lalero"

The lalera list gained enormous repercussion on social networks.

Unusual ballots appear in each election and the PASO on Sunday were no exception. Fans of the singer Mariana Espósito invented a ballot that simulated a possible candidacy from the pop star to national deputy for the province of Buenos Aires.

The name chosen for the supposed party was Frente Lalero “ for which Lali appeared with List 46, which she headed and which was composed in second place by her friend and stylist Mariana Venacio and in third place by her mother, María José Riera.

In the listing The names were also read by his brothers, Ana and Patricio Espósito, his friends Mauricio and Ricardo Reglero – better known as Mau and Ricky-, and his hairdresser and stylist Juan Manuel Cativa.

Also featured were Santiago Borda and Nicolás Olmedo, two of the participants of the coach’s team in La Voz Argentina.

Quickly, the lalera list gained enormous repercussion on social networks and even some fans of the artist came to the dark room with several copies of the ballot.

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