Lagunero artist shines for merging ‘Gorillaz’ and other characters with Torreón

With great creativity and talent, the lagoon artist known on social networks as Chemati, has taken on the task of bringing various animated characters to the region through his art.

Members of Gorillaz walking through the streets of Torreón, CatDog’s ‘Dog’ about to eat some gorditas de cocedor or ‘Rick’ and ‘Morty’, giving the ‘role’ through Morelos, are the work of the talent of Chemati, who has dedicated to professional design for more than seven years.s corners of the world.

The Torreón native said, in an interview for El Siglo de Torreón, that he studied graphic design for eight semesters, but finally chose to take online courses.

The art of Chemati has become quite popular among Internet users, especially for using emblematic places of the region such as the Plaza de Armas, the Paseo Morelos and even the Revolution Stadium.

Chemati’s talent has not only remained in the region, as he has achieved national and international fame thanks to his various jobs.

According to the artist from La Laguna, his images where he captures the animated characters in our region, have attracted the attention of inhabitants of other states of the republic, who ask him to do the same with their cities.

Faced with these requests, Chemati plans to continue capturing well-known animated characters in various parts of Mexico, as he assures that it is something that he is quite passionate about.

However, Chemati’s talent is not limited to the national level, since he has known how to cross borders, since he has even been contacted by Netflix Latin America, while his art has been replicated by the official Instagram accounts of Rick and Morty and Adult Swim.

As if that were not enough, Chemati has already made commissions for the American brand RIPNDIP and the Spanish sports shoe firm Tieckers, who have used an illustration of ‘Rick’ dressed in the Squid Game uniform for one of their products.

You can find Chemati’s work on her social networks: Instagram and Twitter.

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