La Laguna Metropolitan Area has more than 2,400 active cases of COVID-19

The Comarca Lagunera de Coahuila and Durango reached 2,430 active cases of COVID-19 this Friday, this refers to the number of people who tested positive for the SARS-CoV-2 virus with a symptom onset date in the last 14 days. The statistical data was provided this Friday by the Secretaries of Health of both entities.

In the Metropolitan Zone of La Laguna (ZML), the municipality of Torreón leads the incidence of active cases with 1,213, followed by the city of Gómez Palacio with 637 active cases. Matamoros reports 235 active cases while the municipality of Lerdo 151 cases. San Pedro de las Colonias ranks fifth with 126 active cases, followed by Francisco I. Madero with 56. Viesca has 9 active cases, Mapimí 2 cases and Tlahualilo 1.

In the state of Coahuila, the record for this January 14 was 9,646 active cases of coronavirus while Durango reported 4,016 active cases in the entity. In both states the number of inhabitants varies and also the tests that are carried out to detect COVID-19. For example, in Coahuila there is a population of 3,146,771 inhabitants (according to the 2020 Population and Housing Census) and so far during the pandemic, 551,949 PCR tests and 164,314 antigen tests have been carried out.

Together they add up to 716 thousand 263 tests carried out in public and private health laboratories. Only La Laguna de Coahuila adds 253 thousand 491 tests of both types and it is worth mentioning that during this pandemic, a large number of people who live in the Laguna region of Durango have moved to the neighboring municipality of Torreón to request some test.

In the entire state of Durango, the population is 1 million 832 thousand 650 inhabitants and 141 thousand 922 tests have been carried out so far in the health emergency, almost half of those that Coahuila has done in La Laguna alone.

From the Metropolitan Area of ​​La Laguna (ZML), there are 1 million 603 thousand 704 inhabitants. One million 19 thousand 566 comprise the municipalities located on the Coahuila side and 584 thousand 138 inhabitants are counted on the side of La Laguna de Durango.


This Friday, Coahuila reported 1,485 new COVID-19 infections, the highest number so far this month of January 2022. 20% of the cases equivalent to 301 were detected in the Lagunera Region. There are 229 new infections in Torreón, 32 in San Pedro de las Colonias, 24 in Matamoros and 16 in Francisco I. Madero. The state of Durango reported 699 new cases of COVID-19, including 112 in Gómez Palacio, 20 in Lerdo, and 1 in Mapimí.

From January 1 to 14 of this year, the accumulated number of new COVID-19 infections in the ZML is 2,782 cases and Torreón heads the list with 1,310 SARS-CoV-2 infections.

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