La Cámpora suffered the least expected defeat and lost a millionaire box

The elections of the Bar Association of La Plata left in The Campora and Peronism a difficult bite to digest. For months, with the permission of the Minister of Justice of the Province of Buenos Aires, Julio Alak, of important officials and heads of autonomous bodies (such as the Office of the Ombudsman of the Province of Buenos Aires), The Campora, the Kirchnerism and allies had been working with the objective set in the presidency of the La Plata Bar Association and the real power that that victory represented, not only because of the billionaire box but for something more important: interference with justice. Controlling the college gives weight and power of its own in the Council of the Buenos Aires Magistracy where those in charge of administering justice in the Province of Buenos Aires and in the election of judges to fill the vacancies (4 of 7) of the Supreme Court are appointed. of Justice, the highest court of the Province of Buenos Aires.

Who will blame for the defeat. Will there be a father or mother? Will the Minister be weakened after such a move? All the cannons of The Field, the Kirchnerism and his allies point one side to Marina Mongiardino, who was the candidate anointed by himself Alak and resisted by the rest of the members of the alliance

Battle strategy is designed

The objective was clear, the strategy well thought out and diagrammed, the cards distributed. With this panorama, the players deployed the pincer operation with 4 targets in their sights. The first objective achieved was to break with the historic Innovative Movement (the ruling party with more than four decades at the head of the College). A few weeks before the elections, they set up – with those who until the previous day represented the ruling party in the council – a new space: United Advocacy.

Second objective achieved: they muddied the field with false surveys, they coerced the lawyers who work in the state – as the representatives of the other spaces denounced – and it was even commented that they paid the tuition of the defaulters so that they can vote.

The third objective achieved was to deploy the apparatus in the 14 municipalities that make up the La Plata Judicial Department, represented in the La Plata Bar Association, during the two days in which the elections were held, they spared no resources in the transfer of voters , first-class food and materials used during voting days (the regulars in the court area watched in amazement the coming and going of combis plotted with logos of official offices and private cars transporting voters).

But it was in the fourth and last goal where they lost the match and were Game Over. That objective was to win the election of authorities.

The mentors / ideologues of this move led by Julio Alak, the Buenos Aires Minister of Justice, weeks ago, had been licking their triumph, like a dog in front of the grill waiting for his human to neglect to flee with the desired loot, they were even proclaimed winners and celebrated with batucada at the door of the La Plata Bar Association minutes after the elections closed. Of course, in order not to hurt susceptibilities, they promised not to sing the Peronist march when they made the triumphal entry into the 13th avenue building.

Why were they so sure that they would win and take all power? Do they know that this is like in football, you never have to celebrate a triumph before its time? Do youJulio Alak Did he forget what happened to him 26 years ago when he was the Mayor of La Plata?

Let’s remember on June 25, 1995, Gimnasia y Esgrima de La Plata, the most important game in its history was played, a draw against the weak Independiente would allow Grieguol’s team to lift the cup of a tournament for the first time in their history. of the Argentine soccer league. Julio Alak I knew it, that’s why the municipality had organized the central festivities in Plaza San Martin with a great choriceada for all the triperos. Something happened, literally, the Devil stuck his tail!

Chancha Mazzoni ruined all the celebrations by scoring the goal that gave the victory to the Diablos de Avellaneda, leading to a new disappointment to the Albiazules. There were no celebrations, there was no choriceada and after 26 years of this event to this day many people from La Plata who remember that episode wonder what happened to the sausages of Alak ?. Unanswered question as well as what will happen to the party acquired to celebrate the triumph that was not in the La Plata Bar Association.

Underestimation and historical record of voters

The ideologues of the play underestimated the situation, argued that with what they had built they won comfortably … by eagerness, as is usually said, that is the confidence and the anticipated celebrations. They thought it was going to be an election like the usual one where no more than 25% of the electoral roll would vote. They never imagined that the move they had made would cause an “annoying” noise that would spread like wildfire among the independent lawyers on foot, from the 14 municipalities that make up the La Plata Judicial Department, who wanted to defend the Professional Association from the advancement of The field and the Kirchnerism. That annoying noise would generate a historic election due to the number of voters, who voted about 45% of the electoral roll. 20% more than in previous elections.

It was a close choice, the historical record of voters allowed the ruling party to retain the La Plata Bar Association by 91 votes difference. The rumor that runs since yesterday in the corridors of the 13th avenue building is that the lesser evil was voted, due to the fear of losing the school at the hands of the organization founded by Maximum Kirchner. The reality is that these elections marked a before and after in the Platenses Bar AssociationThe commitment of the lawyers for the defense of the professional association marked the field for the brand new authorities, who picked up the glove and began to weave alliances with the referents of the lists that were in third and fourth place.

Final results and a woman for the first time at the head of the Platense Bar Association

91 votes was the difference between winners and losers of the most contested elections of the La Plata Bar Association. The ruling party represented in the Pluralism and Participation list, had Dr. Rosario Sanchez, obtained 37.34% of the votes, that is, 1,530 votes. On second place, the United Advocacy list headed by Dr. Marina Monjardín (an official of the Buenos Aires Ministry of Justice), endorsed by the minister Julio Alak, The Field, the Kirchnerism and allies, obtained 35.11% of the votes, that is, 1,439 votes. The third was in the hands of Nuevo Colegio, headed by Dr. Fabio Nielsen, with 20.38%, that is, 835 votes. The fourth and last place went to Dr. José Cimini, representative of the Colegial Unity list, with 6.71%, the equivalent of 275 votes.

The new authorities will take office on Thursday, September 16. Dr. Rosario Sánchez, first female president of the Platense Bar Association, I affirm that a mixed system of professional work should be moved, consisting of face-to-face and remote work. And I emphasize that he is taking steps with the universities of the region to generate an easier transition between the newly received lawyer and the practice of the profession.

At the end, in the year 2,024, of this new mandate the Innovative Movement will lead about 50 to the head of the La Plata Bar Association.

Now the looks of The Campora and its allies are in the elections, suspended last year due to the pandemic, of the professional associations of the province of Buenos Aires, all with headquarters in the provincial capital and the vast majority with succulent boxes…. But none with as much power as the La Plata Bar Association.

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