L-Ghent and a controversial photo with the founder of Los Monos: Who is the "Viejo" Stonecutter?

In the last hours a photo of L-Gante next to Ariel “Viejo” Stonecutter. Who is it about? Neither more nor less than the founder of the narcocriminal gang The monkeys. Also, this guy is the father of Ariel Maximum “Guille” Stonecutter, El Rosario-and-was-sentenced-to-28-years-of-prison-20210930-0175.html “target =” _ blank “> drug lord convicted of various crimes related to drug distribution.

The reference of Cumbia 420 was this Sunday in Rosario. There he gave a recital at the Newell’s indoor stadium before his hundreds of fans. It should be remembered that he was involved in a controversy with the organizers of performances in Venado Tuerto.

On the photo, it is not clearly appreciated the place where the image was taken, although the singer appears wearing the shirt of a renowned cart located in the Yrigoyen park area, on February 27 and Laprida.

L-Ghent and the photo of the controversy.

Another version realizes that it could be in a neighboring town. In the photograph, in addition, The Old Stonemason appears wearing a yellow and embroidered sports outfit, he also held a baby in his arms.

Last Saturday, October 2, an extensive anti-drug operation linked to the Los Monos gang was carried out, consisting of 84 raids within the framework of a joint investigation carried out by the federal and provincial justice of Rosario. in one of them resale tickets were seized for the recital of the trapper L-Gante in Rosario.

In one of the homes raided, 40 resale tickets were seized for the show that the 21-year-old singer gave at the Newell’s indoor stadium.

How is the procedural situation of “Viejo” Cantero

In September 2020, Ariel Maximum “Viejo” Stonecutter, the father of the gang leaders The monkeys, obtained conditional freedom after serving a large part of his sentence as a member of said illicit association.

The measure had already been denied in June of that year in a ruling that was overturned by the chambermaid Carlos Carbone, who ordered that he be released and that the rules of conduct be set.

Thus, the Criminal Execution Judge Luciana Prunotto ruled, among other things, that Cantero set his home in Avellaneda at 4500, from where he could not move without judicial authorization, and other restrictions that he had to comply with until the expiration date of the grief, on May 22, 2021.

Yes OK Cantero was sentenced in 2018 to six years in prison with a secondary role as a member of Los Monos, he was imprisoned for five years after being arrested in 2015.

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