Kuwait: Transgender woman sentenced to two years in prison for “imitating the opposite sex”

KUWAIT.- Authorities of Kuwait handed down a two-year prison sentence to a transgender woman for supposedly “Imitate the opposite sex”, reported the NGO, Human Rights Watch (HRW).

A court sentenced Maha al-Mutairi, 40, to two years in prison and a fine of 1,000 Kuwaiti dinars (2,850 euros, $ 3,300) for having ‘abused telephone communications by imitating the opposite sex’ ” the NGO explained in a statement.

Similarly, HRW on Thursday urged the authorities to release Maha al-Mutairi.

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Being transgender is a crime in Kuwait

According Human Rights Watch, the transgender women in Kuwait They are often abused by the police when they are arrested, in addition to the fact that the law of the Arab country indicates that “Imitating the opposite sex” is a crime.

“These laws violate the rights to freedom of expression, privacy and non-discrimination guaranteed by the Kuwaiti Constitution and international law,” HRW stated.

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Arrest of Maha al-Mutairi

According to The universal, which quotes AFP, Maha al-Mutairi’s lawyer, Ibtissam al-Enezi, commented that his client was detained on several occasions previously for the same reason, but that the sentence was the punishment “More severe” of all.

Given this, al-Mutairi asked to be transferred to a female prison after she was admitted to a cell with transgender detainees in a men’s prison.

Yes OK Kuwait It is known by its neighbors as a politically and ideologically more open nation than the other Gulf countries, the society continues to be very conservative on various issues.

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