Kristal Silva, the former beauty queen poses with a belly and everyone begins to congratulate her

The former beauty queen Silva Crystal a few months ago he celebrated his wedding, so it is not surprising that now pose with a cute belly, so that everyone has already dedicated more than one congratulation.

Yuselmi Cristal Silva Dávila, known as Kristal Silva in a broadcast over Come the joy she wore an outfit consisting of a green jumpsuit, she herself touches her belly several times and even recorded a video for TikTok.

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The model who was part of the Top 9 in the Miss Universe 2016 beauty pageant now boasts that expect a baby, although everything seems to be that it is a joke, because then it clarifies that that lump in your abdomen it’s about something else.

Like a whole pregnant womanKristal Silva hugs the abdominal area that is more bulky than normal and says that the inflammation is simply because she has gained a few kilos from so much food.

The truth is that between joke and joke, a whole truth can be cooking between Kristal Silva and her husband, Luis Ángel Garza, with whom in recent months she contracted marriage, in a surprising wedding attended by several celebrities and personalities of Mexican politics.

His most loyal followers said a little sad because they thought they were going to be uncles, and it was all about a TikTok video to keep the fun and the spirits in Come the joy, so far Kristal Silva is not expecting a baby.

Kristal Silva, the former beauty queen poses with a belly and everyone begins to congratulate her. Photo: Special

“How beautiful my tummy looks, nothing more than I’m pregnant is pure food” is the phrase that can be heard in the audio of the famous Tiktok videos, and then there are several laughs from Kristal Silva after her macabre joke.

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Everything seems to be that before they criticize her for losing her figure of a whole beauty queen, It is the same Kristal Silva who takes with a lot of humor that with her silky green outfit His belly was much more noticeable.

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And it is that everyone believed that she was really expecting a baby, because in a surprising way she left the reality show Survivor Mexico to celebrate her wedding in August 2021, however, she herself acknowledged that she had run out of glasses, for which once again ruled out a new member of the family.

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