Kodak Black generates controversy by appearing harassing his own mother at a party

Kodak Black made many people sick by showing up ‘attacking’ their mother

Kodak Black became a buzzword on the internet after a video of him doing uncomfortable actions with his mother began circulating online. In a clip that began circulating on social media on Sunday (October 10th), Yak and his mother, Marcelene Simmons, are dancing to Rutshelle Guillaumes’ “M Pa La Ankò” at a birthday party.

The party would have been for the rapper’s brother. Kodak is first seen twirling their mother as they do a version of a slow dance mixed with two steps. He later grabs his mother’s ass and also tries to kiss her near her mouth or on her lips. The mother and son laugh and then Kodak tries to kiss her again.


At the end of the clip, Kodak’s mother walks away and her son tries to reach her ass once more. Social media users immediately reacted against the footage, with the primary consensus being baffled by the South Florida rapper’s actions.

One person tweeted, “Kodak Black he has an addiction to his mother’s ass and his brothers in the video were laughing. He’s not the only freak who needs to be put in Arkham Asylum and thrown to the moon.” Another wrote: “No way, I didn’t just see Kodak Black grabbing your mother’s ass???” A third person typed: “Why am I seeing Kodak Black grabbing his mom’s ass in my timeline.”

Kodak Black did not address the comments surrounding the video of him dancing with his mother. The raoper has made headlines for several reasons lately. Last week, he made a disturbing post on Twitter, suggesting he was thinking about getting hurt. He later clarified himself by apologizing for the post.

See the video below:

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