Kirchnerism’s lack of self-criticism after the defeat of the primaries

The result is overwhelming. In Mendoza, 97% of the tables have been scrutinized and the triumph of Change Mendoza encompasses 43%, while the Front of All reaches 25%. Beyond this result, from the party led by Anabel Fernandez Sagasti they do not make a self-criticism for what happened. Or they do not believe that the situation with the national government influences the election.

At the press conference, delivered from the bunker of the Justicialist Party, the current provincial senator, Adolfo Bermejo, and candidate for national deputy, expressed that this defeat they took it very calmly. “These elections define the internal elections of each party and each front. From now on we have a united, orderly Peronism, facing November. We understand that the fault may have been in not knowing how to better communicate our proposal. There was a wide offer, now it is going to focus on fewer games and from now on we will work fundamentally on our project, “Bermejo described.

On the part of the current national senator, Anabel Fernandez Sagasti, the answer on the responsibilities was more blunt: “How much insistence on the subject”. In this way, he showed his discomfort with the inquiries of journalists who asked him if the actions of Alberto Fern√°ndez had not influenced the outcome of these Primaries. Faced with this, he clarified that “the president is not a candidate“And later he thanked the militancy that” put his shoulder to the campaign. “

Beyond what happened in Mendoza, the Kirchnerism he did not have a good choice overall. Who dared to make a self-criticism was Victoria Tolosa Paz, candidate for national deputy for the Front of All in the province of Buenos Aires, who assured that when a vote with this forcefulness is seen “there are a multiplicity of factors that make that vote of not accompanying the Government be expressed at the polls.” And he added: “possibly the photo in Olivos influenced”.

To summarize what happened in the province, the candidates explained that the people of Mendoza spoke and you have to be very respectful of the choice made. In addition, they affirmed that they will go for the third time to tour the province. “We are going to go out with more force than ever to look for the men and women from Mendoza who did not trust him Front of All“.


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