Kirchnerism lost in 18 of the 24 provinces in the PASO

Kirchnerism lost in 18 of the 24 provinces in PASO – MDZ Online

The most surprising defeats occurred in the province of Buenos Aires, in Chaco, in La Pampa and in Santa Cruz, bastions where Kirchnerism used to make good choices. In the only provinces in which the Frente de Todos was imposed were Catamarca, La Rioja, Santiago del Estero, Tucumán, San Juan and Formosa.

The defeated provinces:

  1. With 82.36% of polling stations scrutinized, in the Buenos Aires province the Front Together for Change prevails with 38.29% of the votes against 33.47% of the Front of All.
  2. While in Chaco, the front Chaco Cambia + Juntos por el Cambio prevails with 44.14% of the votes against 35.47% of Frente de Todos.
  3. On Santa Cruz, the Frente Cambia Santa Cruz added 38.60% of the votes against 26.46% of the Frente de Todos. The defeat is one of the hardest that Kirchnerism has suffered in that province.
  4. Another very hard defeat for the Frente de Todos was registered in the province of The Pampa, where Together for Change added 48.76% of the votes against the 38.28% obtained by the Frente de Todos.
  5. On Missions, the ruling party of Carlos Rovira (Frente Renovador) lost to the five lists of Together for Change, which garnered more than 40 percent of the votes. The Frente de Todos, for its part, barely reached a distant third place, with 17 percent of the vote.
  6. Meanwhile, change Mendoza It crushed the Frente de Todos in the province of Cuyo with 43% against the 25% achieved by the Kirchnerist Peronism of Anabel Fernández Sagasti. The big winner was the deputy Alfredo Cornejo, who already cherishes the possibility of being a national senator.
  7. Together for Change he hit the ground running Chubut and it was imposed on the list of the Frente de Todos by almost 14 points of difference with 96%, 93 of the counted tables. The province is governed by Mariano Arcioni, an ally of Sergio Massa. Cristina Fernández de Kirchner followed this election very closely, since three seats in the Senate are renewed and the Frente de Todos could only rescue one.
  8. Another blow received him in Jujuy where the ruling party of Gerardo Morales took 17 points of difference to the list of the Frente de Todos.
  9. On Santa Fe the sum of the lists of Together for Change got 40% of the votes while the two lists of the Front of All barely added 29%.
  10. One of the most anti-Kirchner provinces in the country is Córdoba. There the Frente de Todos was third with only 10% of the votes behind Juntos por el Cambio and in second place was the ruling party of Juan Schiaretti.
  11. Between rivers It was another of the surprises of the day with a difference of 20 points in favor of Rogelio Frigerio’s ballot over that of Governor Gustavo Bordet.
  12. Another radical province in which Kirchnerism lost was in Currents. There the ruling party took a clear advantage over the Frente de Todos with 58.96% against 34.18%.
  13. There was another jurisdiction that surprised and was saint Louis. There the ruling party from San Luis lost to Claudio Poggi, who won 46.9% of the votes.
  14. A special case was Black river where the ruling party of Juntos Somos Río Negro was imposed, followed by Juntos por el Cambio and in third place the Frente de Todos.
  15. On Jump the result was even and there is talk of a technical tie with a minimum number of votes in favor of Together for Change on the Front of All.
  16. Land of Fire it was another territory in which the Frente de Todos failed to impose itself. The five lists of Together for Change surpassed Kirchnerism by 4 points.
  17. On NeuquenThe ruling Neuquén Popular Movement confirmed its leadership, while Together for Change reaped 18% while the Frente de Todos obtained 15%.
  18. A district in which defeat was called was the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. There Juntos por el Cambio overcame 48% of the votes against 25% for candidate Leandro Santoro.

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