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Karina Rivera he said goodbye to Timoteo, not knowing that it would be the last time they would drive together on television. This happened on August 14, 1999, she had become pregnant and decided to put her work on hold. . However, it was not.

Karina and Timoteo were renamed María Pía y Timoteo. The beloved dragon “fell in love” with a new cheerleader, who, at the time, was a 22-year-old. In this way, despite the great success he achieved with his program,.

For many years, different versions of this controversy have been spread. There was even speculation about a rivalry between the cheerleaders. Here we tell you all about it.

Karina Rivera and Timothy. Photo: GLR


Karina Rivera’s version

Karina Rivera revealed in an interview that the show’s production promised her that she would work with them again. Even,

“They told me: ‘No Karina, go rest for a month and while we look for a replacement for this time, then you come back and tell the children that you are pregnant and how nice it is to talk about a child in a children’s program.’ So, they painted it super cute for me and I said ‘wow’, right? How cool, but it wasn’t like that, what’s more, I proposed María Pía”, he explained to Action Media Web.

Karina Rivera became pregnant. Photo: GLR

“I proposed María Pía, I proposed Ana Karina because I had had her as a guest, but she was preparing for Viña del Mar and was very involved in music (…) but they had not told me that she was not going to come back . I gave birth and the following Saturday the program was called María Pía y Timoteo, she added.


Why did you choose María Pía Copello?

. According to the former animator of This is war, he went through a casting with dozens of young people, but the chemistry he had with Timoteo ended up convincing the production. This version is different from the one Karina gave.

Maria Pia and Timoteo. Photo: GLR

Timoteo knew about Karina’s dismissal

Ricardo Bonilla, who plays Timoteo, confessed that . At one point, he wanted to talk to her about it, but they forbade him.

“One day after the recording they told me what was going to happen. (…) I didn’t tell my friend, I should have warned her, but the producer asked me not to say anything. I paid attention, ”, expressed the actor for Action Media Web.

Karen Rivera. Photo: GLR

“The order came from above”

According to producer Bianca Casagrande, . She proposed that the cheerleader continue on the show, but they rejected it. Some time later, he resigned.

“The order came from above, from above the production management, which was that Karina being pregnant I couldn’t be in charge of a children’s program, “said the scriptwriter of Karina and Timoteo in an interview.

Maria Pia and Timoteo. Photo: GLR

Karina Rivera and Timoteo will return with the children’s show this year

During the En boca de todos program in September 2021, Karina Rivera and Ricardo Bonilla, who gives life to the endearing dragon Timoteo, revealed that they are planning their return for 2022. The animator said that, after meeting Bonilla on TV after 26 years, their friendship has grown stronger.

A few weeks ago, the animators saw each other again on TV after 26 years. Photo: Capture America TV

“I love it. Wonderful things have happened because they invited us here on América TV, Karina said.

María Pía Copello made an emotional publication about the children’s program

The renowned tiktoker María Pía Copello made a publication in 2019 on her Instagram account where she recalls her stage in one of the most beloved children’s shows on Peruvian television. Along with the photograph, he attached a message expressing his gratitude for the opportunity to have been part of the project.

María Pía Copello published on her Instagram a photograph of her time in the remembered children’s program. Photo: Maria Pia Copello/Instagram

“One always stays with the beautiful memories. For me it was a wonderful stage, being in Maria Pia and Timothy and having accompanied them for so many years. From the refurinfunflay!” he wrote.

María Pía Copello revealed that her daughter’s appearances in her Tik Tok videos are not free

As you know, the charismatic cheerleader María Pía Copello appears in several Tik Tok and Instagram videos accompanied by her youngest daughter. That is why he recently announced that the little girl receives a payment that she can access when she is of legal age.

Lazy loaded component

, commented during an interview with Magaly TV.

Karina and Timoteo star in an emotional meeting after 26 years

The program La banda del Chino brought together the iconic children’s duo made up of Karina Rivera and Timoteo, 26 years after they started the television program. In the meeting, the couple recounted memorable moments that they lived throughout their journey.

Karina and Timoteo told how they achieved such success with their children’s program. Photo: Capture of America TV

The presenter assured: “It is very cute indeed. I love it when they remember Karina and Timoteo, when they want to see us together”. The dragon, for his part, indicated: ““I focused on two characters that I loved as a child, which was Topo Gigio and the Smurf ‘Clumsy’”.

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