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During his international tour, Petro has met with leftist personalities, businessmen and members of the government of Spain such as President Pedro Sánchez, Mayor Ada Colau, among others.

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To which, the former ICT minister replied: “In Spain you defamed me Gustavo Petro. SLANDERER. You and your gang murdered, kidnapped, extorted money, bankrupted. That is proven. Nobody can say that I stole a penny, on the contrary, I prevented criminals like you from doing it ”, published Abudinen through his Twitter account.

The former ICT minister, Karen Abudinen, has been in the eye of the hurricane in recent months for the alleged loss of $ 70,000 million in advance on a contract in charge of the Ministry she led. The agreement was with the Unión Temporal Centros Poblados to bring internet to 15 departments in the most remote rural areas.

His name did not take long to become a trend through social networks, in which Internet users began to use the word “abudinar” and “abudinear” as a synonym for “steal.”

The fight continued, as Petro replied that politicians cannot stand corruption being denounced: “when this verbal virulence appears against me, you already know the cause: politicians cannot stand corruption being denounced. I answer you Karen Abudinen: The charges Public are not for the corrupt. The position of a corrupt person in my government will be jail ”.

To which, Abudinen replied: “Gustavo: Then, according to you # EnTuGobiernoTuNoEstaás because I did not receive bundles of bills and you did. !!!”

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