Kanye West surprises his followers with disturbing image

UNITED STATES.- This Thursday, January 13, rapper Kanye West, now known as Ye, surprised his almost 10 million followers by publishing a disturbing photograph on his official Instagram account. It is the image of what appears to be a cutthroat monkey. The animal appears stretched out from its arms and its skinless face is striking where its eyes and teeth are visible.

The bloody monkey appears on a red background and the image is very realistic and detailed as far as social media users they did not hide their bewilderment. “Dude, what’s wrong?”, “What the hell is this, Kanye?”, “You should delete this” and “This is really scary” are just some of the comments from the singer’s followers who were taken by surprise the unusual image.

Apparently, it is the cover of his new studio album although the rapper did not offer further explanations and as the only words he wrote “My life was never easy”, the title of the new musical project. He also tagged the account @losangelesconfidential, where photos of Ye were shared In a recording studio along with other singers. Minutes later the account put the same profile photo image so it is possible that collaborations appear in the project.

It should be remembered that West is one of the most controversial artists in the industry and it seems his projects will continue to be explicit and provocative. From his close friendship with Marilyn Manson, accused of sexual abuse and violence, to his unexpected statements about the Kardashian family, Kanye continues to generate discomfort of the public in the name of his proposal as an artist. In fact, his Instagram profile is one of the most intriguing on the platform, since he often deletes all his photos and then adds others, as unexpected as the last one.

Just hours ago, West was accused of participating in a crime and is under investigation. According to the Internet portal TMZ, the singer was accused of violence after hitting a fan. Law enforcement sources informed TMZ that West would have had some kind of discussion that became physical near Soho Warehouse, so it is not clear so far if the interpreter was there before the incident.

Regarding the altercation, it transpired that Ye apparently pushed and then hit a man, so the case is already being investigated as a misdemeanor, and if found guilty, he would have a maximum sentence of 6 months in jail.

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