Justina Bustos revealed the horrible experience she lived in Africa when she was hospitalized and isolated for more than a month

On Tuesday night Justina bustos she was invited to the cycle The Mammons where he recalled his beginnings in show business, recalled his roles with very important characters in the environment and spoke about situations in his personal life never revealed before.

Within this context of intimacy, the actress was encouraged to confess to the driver, Jey MammonHow was the terrible moment when she traveled to the African continent to shoot a film and had to remain hospitalized for more than a month, because of the coronavirus that still keeps the whole world in suspense.

“We went to shoot a movie with a lot of budget in Mauritius, which is a heavenly place in Africa. But we went twice, the first time the Covid had not yet arrived on the island, it arrived and we had to flee “, began by explaining the model.

He also detailed how the bad experience he had to go through began: “We came back in the middle of the pandemic, in September of last year. There the island opens up for two planes, one was for us, the whole cast. I leave from Paris, with the negative swab. I arrive and it tests positive … And they take me “.

“Suddenly I see all a people tubed and dressed in white, I did not know where I was going, in the end they take me to the public hospital, which does not have the best conditions at all. The island was almost free of Covid, so I was a threat, because there were no cases “He added, remembering that day.

However, one of the worst moments came when he entered the medical establishment: “I arrive and there was no one in this room, and I thought that in fifteen days I would leave. On the first night a woman from India falls, as in the middle of the gloom. He sits on a bed and tells me ‘we are in the hands of God’. Anyway, in that lonely moment, I thought it was great to share an experience with her ”.


“I kept testing positive, every three days they tested me. Everyone came to see me, the highest authority on the island, I spoke with ambassadors. The worst thing is that I was without symptoms and I already had antibodies “Justina continued explaining.

Within this context, Bustos revealed how the care was received and that his case was considered one of the few that were lived within the island: “The experience is tremendous, because I was on an island and they didn’t treat us. The medical team changed every week and we had no relationship with them. I was there for 33 days and my mind started to go crazy. I was very scared ”.

“I was on an island and they didn’t treat us. The medical team changed every week and we didn’t even have a relationship with them. I spent 33 days and my mind started to go crazy. I was very scared”

“What I had to control the most were my emotions, but I couldn’t. They offered me sleeping pills and pills to stay awake during the day… At first I obviously didn’t take them, but at the end I did ”, he recalled in anguish.

Likewise, the actress explained that she had her cell phone nearby so she could have conversations with her friends and loved ones: “I was always in contact with my family as well. And the film kept rolling and they called me to see if I was ready to shoot, but I told them they wouldn’t let me go out, that I was locked up ”.

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