Justice investigates the attack on a young man in Cerro San Bernardo

Salta is submerged in a wave of violence, last night a 19-year-old boy was seriously stabbed at Cerro San Bernardo during a robbery, was with his girlfriend who was also injured.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office reported that they are already investigating what happened, while the young man is torn between life and death, the stab grazed his heart and was highly serious.

So far it is known that he was with his girlfriend, a 16-year-old teenager and they were surprised by two people who stole their belongings, The problem arose when they wanted to get his motorcycle from him, there he resisted.

In the midst of this situation, she was injured and he was stabbed, the young woman shouted for help and other people came to help them and call 911 for help. He was rushed to the San Bernardo Hospital and his prognosis is reserved.

Until now there are no detainees.

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