Julien Doré dad? The singer makes tender confidences

Revealed in the musical show “Nouvelle Star” 14 years ago now, Julien Doré is currently releasing a reissued version of his latest album, “Aimée”. On this occasion, he confided in Nikos Aliagas in an interview for the magazine “Gala”, this Thursday, November 25. But to everyone’s surprise, the artist did not only mention his music, but also his private life. When the host asks him what is the phrase he would never have imagined himself saying one day, the singer replies: “Shall I make a bottle?” “A sentence which suggests that the interpreter of” Coco Câline “became a father for the first time. If the doubt is sown, the following response from Julien Doré puts an end to the suspense. When Nikos Aliagas asks him this time about the phrase that the singer would never have thought to hear in his life, he throws a single word that says it all: “Dad”.

A long questioned desire for fatherhood

Julien Doré had already mentioned his desire to become a father during several interviews. In 2016, guest of the show “We are not lying”, hosted by Laurent Ruquier, he declared: “There are days when I want a child and the next day I feel guilty. I say to myself: “But how am I going to one day be able to let go of his hand and leave him on this planet? With the failure of my generation and that of my parents to make this world a little better?” “In 2020, it is to the” Inrockuptibles “that he confided his doubts on the question:” I alternated times when I could very clearly state my desire to have children. And then there were times when I did not see how, in this context, that of the world that the next generations will inherit, I would feel capable of looking a child in the eyes and saying: “It is we who have chosen you to be here. ” It sometimes seemed unthinkable to me. It seems that the urge to be called “daddy” has taken over the artist’s reservations. Today, he seems to be a happy and fulfilled father. He concludes by paying homage to motherhood. When asked who his heroes are, he says: “Moms. Definitively. “

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