Julián Weich denounced that his father, who died 25 years ago, was included in the electoral roll

This Sunday the Primary, Open, Simultaneous and Mandatory elections (STEP), where Argentines cast their vote to choose who will be the candidates for the next general elections on November 14. To carry out this, each person had to consult the electoral roll to know where they should vote.

In this context, one of the millions of citizens who went to the polls was the driver Julián soft but in his social networks he did not share his joy at fulfilling his civic duty but rather He denounced that his father, who died 25 years ago, was enrolled in the electoral roll.

My father passed away 25 years ago and he is on the voter registry. Will someone explain it to me? #ElectionsArgentinaThe actor and host wrote on his personal Twitter account after casting his vote.

After sharing his outrage on the social network, he received thousands of comments regarding this situation. In fact, among those responses, some people added that they perceived the same with people who had died and who continued to appear on the electoral roll.

Some of the comments from his followers were: “What would be the explanation? Because my grandmother’s husband died 40 years ago, one of her children 30 years ago, my grandfather a month and a half ago, and ballots with his data arrived to present himself to vote. It is a lack of respect”, “Did you present a death certificate in ANSES? My parents did not make it of my brother who died 25 years ago and continued to appear on the registry. I do present that of my mother, who died in 2020 and my father died in April, and they no longer appear in the registry”.

Meanwhile, other people suggested that he file a complaint for these irregularities. Above all so that this same situation does not happen again when the legislative elections are held next November.

You have to report. In the best case scenario, return to verify that no one has voted on your behalf, but with a complaint so that they eliminate it from the register, it should be enough so that it does not appear in November”. a user recommended Julián soft.

For its part, according to what the National Electoral Code, is he Renaper (National Registry of Persons) the body that must notify the National Electoral Chamber (CNE) of the deceased.

In the event that a situation similar to the one that happened to the driver happened this Sunday, the National Electoral Chamber reported that You must send the documentation that proves the death to a mail box, which belongs to the Judicial Power of the Nation: [email protected]. Likewise, you can also do it by contacting the following number: 0800-999-7237.

Finally, on May 28 of this year the provisional register of these elections was published, and voters had the possibility of making claims for erroneous data that appeared there. In that sense, until June 11 it was possible to report the appearance of the deceased in the registry, although it is difficult for a person to look for a relative who died as long as it was the case of Weich.

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