Jujuy: a man was sentenced to one year in prison for raping and killing a dog

A man was sentenced to 12 months in prison for raping, dismembering and mutilating a dog named “Negrita” who lived in Alto Comedero, Jujuy.

In an abbreviated trial, the defendant acknowledged his guilt and the Justice imposed a series of conditions on him that he must comply with from now on..

The resolution establishes that the accused is prohibited from approaching Negrita’s family, nor the witnesses in the case, nor can he connect them by any means until the psychological report determines that the dangerousness ceased.

What’s more, He is forbidden to have contact with animals, he cannot adopt or buy him or anyone else around him, at least until the psychological or psychiatric report determines otherwise.

You must undergo psychological and psychiatric treatment aimed at overcoming violence in all its manifestations, having to prove the continuity of the treatment every 30 days attaching reports of the therapy.

Another rule is that you must complete a training course on responsible care and animal rights accrediting 20 hours with the Animal Law Institute of the Jujuy Bar Association and with the Animal Law Observatory, to then deliver a final integrative work.


On Wednesday September 22 in the 150 hectares of Alto Comedero the man abused a dog and mutilated her. The animal bled to death and spent several hours on public roads. Antonela Guastavino was the owner of Negrita who was four years old.

The woman denounced that her pet “was raped, dismembered and mutilated” by a man who frequented the place where the events took place. It is believed that the perpetrator, to eliminate evidence, committed all those atrocities.

Upon discovering the fact, the neighbors rebuked him and he escaped, until the formal complaint was made, he was located and he spent two months in prison. The aberrational event generated the rejection of Jujuy society, which organizations that fight against animal abuse called different marches in the provincial capital, demanding “Justice for Negrita.”

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