Judge gives preventive detention to businessman Alejandro del Valle, Interjet shareholder

The Mexico City Prosecutor’s Office obtained preventive detention against businessman Alejandro del Valle, the largest shareholder of the Interjet airline.

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According to the newspaper El Financiero, the Public Ministry charged him with the crime of probable participation in fraud.

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Yesterday morning, Thursday, Del Valle was detained at the Miguel Hidalgo mayor’s office. An Interjet spokesperson clarified that the case is about “a conflict between individuals.”

SAT gives its opinion on Interjet

Although the arrest of the president of the Interjet board of directors, Alejandro del Valle, was for other reasons, he is jointly liable for Interjet’s tax debt, said the head of the Tax Administration Service (SAT), Raquel Buenrostro Sánchez.

“The person who has the tax debts is the legal person, he took a significant percentage of Interjet’s shares, even before he was a partner, therefore he is jointly and severally liable for the tax debt,” he explained during the Expansión forum.

He assured that the businessman who was arrested today was due to something that has to do with an issue of the government of Mexico City.

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