Juan Martín del Potro’s pain for the scam he suffered from his father: “He left him only 10% of what he earned and now his fortune is …”

The complaint was terrible. And it happened at the same time that Juan Martín del Potro’s new girlfriend showed up. In the program of Karina Mazzocco, in America, In the afternoon, they said that the tennis player’s father stole more than 20 million dollars over the years.

“It all happened because of bad investments and strange operations. Juan is very concerned about his situation. He lived in Disney and now he realized that things are not so simple “, they said on the American Afternoons show.

As it was learned, the debts are millionaires and he only has 10% of what he earned. “In the bank it should not have more than 3 million dollars. It’s a lot of money, of course, but he thought he never had to work again in his life when he realized this disaster ”, reported.

Daniel del Potro passed away in 2021 and, there, Juan realized what situation he was in. “Bankrupt”, they explained. “Del Potro Sr., a veterinarian by profession, cheated his own son. Juan encountered the worst scenario when he got into the numbers”, dijo Mazzocco.

“He rented 9,000 hectares, also equipment with the idea of ​​planting soybeans. But he had no knowledge and ended up in debt,” sumo Deborah D’Amato. Today everything is in the hands of a prestigious accountant. And that was the main reason why Delpo wants to play tennis again (his return to the courts would be in about a month).


“He was a man who did not know how to invest, and was adding debts. His father dies. When he begins to take charge of his account, he discovers that he no longer has his fortune of between 25 and 30 million that he amassed with tennis: he had millions left of doubts and only 10 percent “, Mazzocco retorted.

“When his father died, the debtors came to knock on the door because his father did not know how to handle the business. He owed the biggest debt to a cereal factory from Necochea and he is paying it”, said Flor de la Ve.

Juan Martín del Potro’s father would have bought many hectares of land and did many real estate deals, things went wrong and he turned to lenders to refinance his debt. This would have come to light when he died. There were also some lawsuits and claims from the construction side where I didn’t have much experience and things didn’t go quite right “, added a panelist.

“In Tandil it was known that the father had debts, but I cannot confirm those numbers. He has a very low profile. At the end of the year he came here and nobody had found out, except because he went to a nursing home to visit a person who contacted by Instagram and asked to meet him “, reported Walter Comiso.

From analyzing the Delpo numbers, it can be seen that he won more than 26 million dollars in prizes (significant discounts are given to these numbers, regardless of the country in the world: it is speculated that on average the tennis player receives half of the taxes and the coach’s profit).

“A tennis player of his category adds more than double what he earns on the court through private contracts and with tournaments”, those who know count. Today amid injuries and wanting to return, Del Potro fights in his most difficult match.


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