Joven de Torreón is recognized for developing pavement that regenerates with water

A young man from the city of Torreón, has become a national pride, after being recognized for developing a pavement made from recycled tires that allow easy regeneration with water.

His name is Israel Antonio Briseño Carmona, a graduate of the Autonomous University of Coahuila, creator of a material with which he could put an end to the problem of potholes, called ‘Paflec’, short for Flexible Pavement Capable of Regeneration.

According to Israel, the idea came from a Civil Engineering thesis, but then he decided to take it as a personal project that he wanted to develop to put a solution to the potholes or other damages that are usually generated by the rains on the pavement, so I look for Recycle some material capable of regeneration with water.

In 2019, Briseño Carmona was awarded the ‘James Dyson-Mexico’ award, which recognizes the creation of new designs and inventions that seek to solve problems.

Despite the fact that Israel’s invention has already been recognized for about two years, it recently captured the attention of Internet users on social networks when they learned how useful and effective its ‘Paflec’ is.

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