Jelinski and the water crisis in Bahia: "What is invested by ABSA are patches"

Guillermo Jelinsky, Undersecretary of Water Resources of the province of Buenos Aires, said this morning that two of the water works promised by Governor Axel Kicillof to alleviate the water crisis in the city had already been awarded and assured that in approximately one month, work will begin.

“The awards correspond to the new water treatment module at the Patagonia plant and the construction of the 600-millimeter aqueduct and some 14 kilometers from the Paso de las Piedras Dam to the Grünbein Plant, which was out of use,” he explained.

Jelinski reported that “back in 2020 we made the first tours of the city and drew up a plan at the request of the governor, which was launched at the end of that year. In 2021, tenders began, since April, and the awards have already begun” .

“With the award comes the contractual process, which is administrative,” he continued, “but we already know who the winning companies are. It is estimated one month of paperwork to start the work. The successful bidders are already beginning to project.”

In dialogue with PanoramaAccording to LU2, the official mentioned that “these two works will bring water to the plant in order to process it, because the entire system is exploited: production, transportation, purification and distribution; no works have been carried out for more than 40 years.”

He also said that the next awards respond to “replacement modules of 25 blocks each, which are important because the problem in Bahia is the 60% loss of everything we produce.”

“Of the 13 million liters that are generated per hour, more than 50% goes to the ground; it is crazy. That replacement is essential, these works are going to be awarded soon; they are already tendered. Those who deliver international credits are very strict and that causes the adjudications to be delayed “; stressed.

On the other hand, he said that although “ABSA does not depend on my portfolio, we are monitoring and helping technically.”

“ABSA invested more than 140 million pesos last year and it seems that it is not seen, because it fixes one thing and breaks another; it is a continuous change that needs to be resolved in depth, if they are not patches,” he warned.

“It has deployed a contingency plan, which started in September. This will continue to happen until the large works are in operation. Power cuts are another unexpected inconvenience, because they affect us pumping and transportation, which directly stop. ABSA informs us of the work of its crews, 14 joined and another 4 in Punta Alta “, he completed.

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