Javier Milei clarified how his relationship with José Luis Espert is

The elected deputy Javier Milei denied the rumors that speak of a distancing with the also future legislator Jose Luis Espert and assured that he is his “friend”, although he acknowledged that both must “talk” some “things” when they assume their seats in Congress. In addition, the libertarian lashed out at the Minister of Economy, Martin Guzman, treating it as “looter“, and criticized the new government measures that prohibit purchases in installments abroad.

In recent days, some versions emerged that indicated that José Luis Espert and Javier Milei were apart due to some differences regarding the assembly of a single space that would bring together its political forces Advance Freedom and Freedom Advances, respectively, in the Chamber of Deputies as of December 10.

Consulted in the program La Trama del Poder, of the channel LN+On whether he was in a fight with José Luis Espert, Javier Milei replied that it was not like that: “He has the weapon that he used in the province (of Buenos Aires) and we in the City (of Buenos Aires) have a different one, and it seems to me that the time is not yet to talk about certain things. We will see that when we are both in the Chamber of Deputies. “

I am a friend of José Luis. This is happening is thanks to his work in the 2019 election, which put ideas back at the center of the debate, “he acknowledged.

Javier Milei and José Luis Espert consider themselves great allies, although they were in separate forces.

On the other hand, Javier Milei expressed his opinion on the statements of the Minister of Economy, Martín Guzmán, regarding social inequalities and that “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer”: “He is a looter and his way of acting it does not correspond to that of those who think that all people should be treated equally before the law. He raises the idea of ​​social justice with progressive taxes that punish one in favor of another. That is strongly immoral because it involves theft and unequal treatment under the law.“.

“When you punish the successful, you punish the process of capital accumulation and you ruin the life of those who have the least because they are those who do not have capital and need it to be more productive, have higher real wages and get out of poverty, “he concluded.

In fact, the libertarian economist stated that Guzmán’s proposals in economic matters “are what have made Argentina go from being the richest country in the world, to being the 120th measured in GDP per capita to the parallel dollar,” which is the real one, and no the ‘Mickey Mouse dollar’“.

When in doubt as to why he named the official listing after the popular Disney animated character, Milei replied very crudely: “Because it is the dream of all politicians. He’s a disgusting rat that everyone loves. It is the aspirational of the politicians, that the rats are loved, I am an outsider so I do not worry about saying it. ”

Finally, Javier Milei questioned the prohibition of spending on installments for the purchase of tickets, hotels and tourist services abroad: “What it shows is the lack of Central Bank dollars. The freely available international reserves, the net ones, are in a terrain almost already piercing the negative. At bottom, it is a devaluation without touching the exchange rate. ”

“The blame is on this model of fiscal deficit that is financed with monetary issuance and that feeds the excess demand for divisive ones; and the Government, to try to limit it, puts more controls, but that is not free. The greater excess demand that is generated in the foreign exchange market has consequences in other parts of the economy“, he reiterated.

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