J Balvin on Bad Bunny: He is one of the greatest artists in the history of Latin music

The Colombian reggaeton J Balvin said his musical colleague, the trapero boricua Bad Bunny, is one of the greatest artists in the history of Latin music, regarding his inclusion in the list of the 100 most influential people of 2021 from the prestigious magazine Time.

“Seeing him is like watching a little brother make his dream come true. I knew him when he was a little monster, and now he’s like Godzilla. He has amazing lyrics and understands the importance of creating his brand.” wrote the artist from Medellín in the presentation of the Bad Rabbit.

Balvin, who also has a consolidated career in the music industry and is one of the main exponents of the Latin urban genre, said that he met Bad Bunny about five years ago and, since he saw him, he knew that he was a promising artist and “another weirdo like me. “

“We immediately went to the studio and recorded a song, If your boyfriend leaves you alone. Exploded. It’s a phenomenon when it comes to music, but it didn’t happen overnight; At that time he worked in the supermarket and he also had to fight, “said the Colombian.

In addition to having worked in several featuring together, including One Day with Dua Lipa, Bad Bunny and J Balvin they released the album Oasis together and last year they became the first Latin reggaeton artists to participate in the show Super Bowl halftime, along with Jennifer Lopez and Shakira.

“He is an advocate of self-expression: if you want to go and wear a miniskirt, do it. If you want to wear lipstick, go ahead. Do what you want to do. That freedom connects a lot with people,” said Balvin.

The interpreter of Colors celebrated that Bad Bunny “is now at its peak, taking Latin culture to another level.”

“The records he has broken are amazing. He is different. Special. People wait for someone to die to say,” Oh, he was a legend. “But now I say to Benito: you are one of the best artists in the history of the Latin music”.

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