“It’s not a grid,” says governor about claim for abandonment in Torreón’s Green Line

“It is not a grid,” said the Governor of Coahuila, Miguel Riquelme, on Friday regarding his remarks regarding the poor state of the Torreón Green Line after the passage of the past administration and in charge of Mayor Jorge Zermeño.

The president affirmed that it is instead a commitment to citizens to improve the public spaces of the city, with the support of the municipal authority to improve project times, as well as to seek greater collaboration in general.

“We have that commitment, we are going to rehabilitate all the spaces, who had the opportunity at the time to make spaces like this, because it is also worth it that we can direct resources for maintenance, it does not matter who did it, but who uses it, here there are thousands of families who were once again disappointed, no one participated anymore. It’s very nice to blame the one behind, but I think people want solutions, what are you going to do? we are providing solutions and public resources”he declared.

In that sense, he indicated that the arrangements in the Green Line that were announced this day, in the order of 28.4 million pesos, do not represent any way of criticizing the previous municipal government.r, which they will not ask for further explanations either. In its place, he announced that a strategy will be set up to carry out the greatest possible amount of renovation of public spaces, both inside neighborhoods, and in areas of greater use such as the Urban Forest.

It will be next week when the president returns to the region to announce more details regarding that plan, in which there will be equal shares of the budget between the Government of Coahuila and the Municipality of Torreón.

“Here I do not even have anything to show them, the green part that gave rise to its name is over and also, to great pride, this space was boasted at the national levelMany mayors came to see the Green Line. It is not a grid, but it is not the same to maintain a small square as it is to maintain a space like this, which changes the lives of many people,” said Riquelme Solís, referring to the actions to improve the urban image of the past municipal administration. from Torreon.

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