“It has been very difficult to be eating pasta every day”

One of the Colombian players who had great growth in recent years was the midfielder from Sinceleja William Celis, who had a great time in Portuguese football and is now part of the Sports Tolima.

The 28-year-old midfielder came from less to more in the last year, where the first semester had great presentations with the ‘Vinotinto y Oro’, but with the arrival of the second semester the player was relegated from Hernán Torres’ team.

The reasons for this were not known and today in a talk with the renowned journalist John Philip Cadavid, on his YouTube channel, “Let’s talk about the game”, The athlete told about the difficult moment that he is going through.

The flying began by talking about the hard time he is going through: “They have been very difficult days since I made the decision to step aside because I did not feel in the mental capacity to help the team, it was something that I heard about depression and anxiety, but when it happens to you you do not know how are the things”.

Guillermo Celis and his difficult depression and anxiety problems. Photo: Dimayor

“It is very difficult to be eating pasta every day, feeling strange things in your body, wanting to run away, desperation, anxiety, the days go by and you do not see a solution to things and this makes you desperate,” he added.

Regarding how he took this new stage of life, the player stated that many of his surroundings support him, give him a hand and say that they accompany him in his process, but the player clarified that it is a very personal issue, which cannot be neglect and that professional support should be sought.

“I have investigated the matter, I found that it is a normal disease, unfortunately it started for me because of my work, that is the sad thing, since it is what I love and what I like to do,” Celis explained with some frustration.

On the other hand, he also stated that he has done everything humanly possible to find a solution and likewise achieve an agreement with Deportes Tolima, but that to date this has not been possible.

Let us remember that the player was so outstanding that he was part of the Colombian National Team with which he played the Copa América Centenario in 2016, where he played 4 games and helped to achieve third place.

Regarding how his problem started, Celis said that it all started at the beginning of the 2021 II preseason: “I didn’t feel important to the team and they didn’t make me feel it either, that’s where despair comes in, the player is happy when he plays, when he’s important. I began to fill myself with anxiety and despair because I felt that I had already done what was necessary to be able to be here and this was already getting out of hand”.

The midfielder ended by stating that he wants to be happy, because he wants to play, he wants to be relevant, even if they do not assure him ownership, but it is his desire, his feeling.

For now it is unknown what will happen to the player in the Sports Tolima, who looks for a way to fix his exit and that is the best for both parties.

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