Interviewee from Mucho Gusto stars in chascarro by sending a message in the middle of the office

On Friday morning, the Mucho Gusto journalist, Francisca Reyes, went to the Meiggs neighborhood to make a dispatch about the offers related to the National Holidays, at which time an interviewee starred in a joke that drew laughter in the study.

It happened while the notera was talking with different tenants to learn about their promotions regarding September 18. It was in this context that Reyes came to Don Carlos, a kite seller.

The interview was conducted in a playful tone, with the merchant explaining his best tips for raising a kite, when he suddenly took a few seconds to send a message to viewers. The detail was that he got the wrong channel.

“Each one offers their product and I am offering mine and I tell them that it is of very good quality, and I believe that a lot of people will come through channel 7,” the confused merchant launched, believing that he was being interviewed by TVN.

“We are Mega! We were doing so well, tell Fran that we are the Mega ”, Diana Bolocco replied from the studio, unable to hide her laugh.

“Wait, where did you say we were from? What channel are we from? ”, The journalist launched to Don Carlos, who replied:“ From channel 7 ”, unleashing laughter again on set.

Capture | Mega

“But Don Carlos, wait, we are live, you have been appearing here at all times and we are from the Mega, I am Francisca Reyes, there is Diana,” added the note.

“Well, it’s a pleasure to be with you and the truth is that I was so inspired talking and explaining that I didn’t notice which channel they were from,” the interviewee excused himself.

After some jokes about the chascarro, the notera explained that the merchant had been confused because the day before a TVN team had gone to the same place to buy products to decorate his studio.

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