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And this scenario has become even more prevalent with the pandemic, when millions have had to replace offices and classrooms with the corners of their homes in order to work or study. Which, without a doubt, has meant a greater demand for the internet with which they count.

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Currently, most computers or cell phones come with standards of wifi that allow to have an optimal connection – either wifi 5 or wifi 6; but nevertheless, If you have a computer with more than a decade, it is likely that the solution to your network problems is to find a new one and the fault is not your operator, or the quality of the signal emitted by your router.

On the other hand, it is true that there are devices on the market that can offer you better connectivity, either by supporting a more modern Wi-Fi protocol or by having a more powerful reception antenna.

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Keep in mind that the country’s operators do not yet provide routers with this protocol, so the option to obtain it is to buy it on your own. Do not forget that both your router and your devices must support this protocol for them to work optimally.

Finding an open and central space in your home, to install the router, and in height, is the general recommendation.

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“Although it is a coverage option, there is the possibility of having jumps in the network. In other words, if I am on a video call and go up to the second floor, it is possible that due to the jumps between the router and the extender the communication will drop out ”, indicates Jorge Rueda, commercial manager for the Andean Countries of Linksys, who explains that in this In this case, a degradation of the signal can be registered and “if on the first floor I have 100 megabytes, on the second I can have 50 megabytes”.

How to improve the WiFi signal?

Wood, on the other hand, is not a great enemy of our signal.

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According to Hamilton Mattias, Product Manager for Qualcomm in Latin America, “This is a more expensive alternative, but it guarantees excellent Wi-Fi throughout your home.. And the best: without forcing your equipment (cell phone, tablet or laptop) to jump from network to network as you move, as it happens with old signal repeaters. Internet operators sell them, but also in Unilago and on the web. “

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