Intact beauty, Aracely Arámbula, former of Luis Miguel shows why she is one of the queens of Instagram

One of the most popular actresses in the Mexican country is nothing less than Aracely Arambula who has not only shown that he has a great talent for acting but also for singing where he conquered thousands of people with his beautiful voice. In addition to this, it is added that the beautiful blonde was in a relationship with the singer Luis Miguel, with whom he had two children.

Currently, the talented actress is living a phenomenal present both professionally and personally. With her return to the stage, the Mexican has shown that her talent remains intact since every time a performance ends, her fans stand up and applaud the entire cast. That is why their official accounts are full of information about their new works.

Is that the ex-partner of Luis Miguel, stars alongside Mauricio Ochamann and Anastasia acosta the work “Why do men love bitches”. This great theatrical show has been performed in various cities of the United States and in various places in Mexico. There Aracely Arámbula once again demonstrated her great artistic gifts with a magnificent tour.

As we mentioned earlier, the profiles of the beautiful blonde are full of moments of Aracely upstage as well as moments of his personal life. On this occasion, the Mexican artist published a photo in her states of Instagram that demonstrated the spectacular beauty and figure that she has at 46 years old.

On the other hand, speaking of his personal life and as we mentioned earlier, from 2005 to 2009 he was in a relationship with The Sun of Mexico with whom he had two children. They are called Miguel and Daniel respectively. Likewise, her father’s story with them is not very good, since the Aztec artist on more than one occasion declared that she does not receive financial support and that she does not greet them on their birthdays either.


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