The neighbors hope that the health authority, which is the one who has the power to set pharmacy shifts, will give them some solution.

Inhabitants of the macro sector of Tillage in Temuco they accused lack of pharmacies on duty during the weekends.

Through a letter they asked the health authority to expand the operation of these facilities.

The president of the Plowing common committee, José Figueroa, expressed the difficulty that the residents of the sector are facing, assuring that due to the need for medicines on weekends they do not have a shift facility.

Along these lines, councilor Soledad Gallardo argued that for the growth that the sector has had in recent years it is It is urgent to expand the service.

For his part, the regional councilor Daniel Sandoval pointed out that the State must regular the operation of pharmacies.

In accordance with the law, the health authority has the power to set -mandatory- shifts of operation of community and commercial pharmacies and, due to the health context in which it affects, these shifts can include all the days and hours that are reasonably necessary. .