Inflation in Mendoza was 3.7% and accumulated an increase of 51.8% during 2021

In Mendoza, the item that increased the most in December was Food and Beverages with 5.8%, followed by Clothing with 4.1% and Other goods and services with increases of 3.9%.

In turn the segments that less suffered inflation in Mendoza They were Medical care and health expenses 0,3%, Housing and basic services with 0.8% and Recreation with 1.1%.

If taken into account the accumulated annual the category that increased the most in the province It was Clothing with 70%.

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Inflation in Argentina

The National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (INDEC) reported that Inflation at the national level registered an increase of 3.8% last December and accumulated a rise of 50.9% throughout 2021.

In December, the item with the greatest increase was Restaurants and hotels (5.9%), driven by higher demand related to the lifting of traffic restrictions and a higher level of tourism; followed by Alcoholic beverages and tobacco (5.4%), mainly due to the rise in cigarette prices.

In general, in December the rise in Food and non-alcoholic beverages (4.3%) was the one that had the highest incidence in all regions. In this item, the division that contributed the most was Meat and derivatives and, to a lesser extent, Bread and cereals and Milk, dairy products and eggs.

On the other hand, in the annual accumulated The item that increased the most was Restaurants and hotels, with an increase of 65.4%; followed by Clothing and Footwear (64.6%), Transportation (57.6%) and Alcoholic beverages and tobacco (55.1%).

Source: DEIE and NA

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