In the Government they suspect and distrust the Barons of the suburbs

The Peronist mayors of the Greater Buenos Aires they saw the wave coming against him government of the president Alberto Fernandez and it seems they subtly went out of their way to “save clothes” on their council rosters. Most of them suspiciously managed to get their local ballots to get more votes than the one at the top Victoria Tolosa Paz.

Spokesmen for the communal chiefs categorically deny that they have promoted a “delivery” of the ballot cut against the list of national deputies of the Front of All. Nobody wants to be accused of “traitor” as they did Nestor Kirchner after his electoral defeat in the legislative elections of 2009.

On that occasion, the cut was very evident since the former president was defeated in territories where they won the lists of mayors. Hence the remembered show of Mario Ishii, by José C. Paz, who wanted to go out hunting “traitors”. The concrete thing is that in these PASO there were “suspicious” differences between Tolosa Paz and the ballots for the deliberative councils, which concern the mayors so much.

Mario Ishii wanted to hunt down “traitors”.

In Escobar Ariel Sujarchuk achieved 41.14% against 36.6% of the list of national deputies. The “traitor hunter” Ishii gathered 49.34% at the municipal level, 5 points more than Tolosa Paz. Leonardo Nardini’s local strip in Malvinas Argentinas got 3,000 more votes than the national offices.

In the Third Electoral Section Martin Insaurralde in Lomas de Zamora he garnered a difference of more than 5,000 votes, reaching 43% with his ballot. Mariano Cascallares in Almirante Brown won with 44.9% against 41.4 of Tolosa Paz. In Avellaneda, district of the Minister of Housing, Jorge Ferraresi, the local list was imposed with more than 3,000 votes than those obtained by the candidates of the Casa Rosada. The “historic” Alejandro Granados added 48.48% in Ezeiza and 42.7% in La Plata. The same Juan Mussi in Berazategui: 42.2 against 38.2 on the national ballot.

Very rare numbers to be “spontaneous”. They deny it. Now if the national government does not improve in November, everything seems to indicate that the “delivery” is going to be monumental.


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