In silence, speaking or shouting: The table that explains in which activities there is a greater risk of contagion of covid-19 by the omicron variant

The Ministry of Health in a press conference this Monday, January 10, reported on the effects that the omicron variant of covid-10 could have on Guatemala.

The authorities asked the population not to relax prevention measures, since by this variant contagions could double and according to projections, there could be a peak of cases in February.

“It is not a flu, it is covid-19 with a different variant,” said Health Minister Francisco Coma.

Coma said that in relation to the projection of the model of the University of Washington we always talk about numbers that could reach more than 60 thousand active cases by the end of the month.

He also called for avoiding crowds and respecting social distancing to prevent further infections.

They explain the risk of contagion

Virginia Heirzeig, coordinator of Epidemiology, said that according to a British medical journal, there are specific activities, specific times and measures that greatly influence the risk of contagion to the covid-19 virus.

He explained that the magazine presents us with several scenarios, one is with activities of low occupation of people, but at the same time it tells us that if we are for a long time and without the proper use of the mask our risk of contagion is very high.

This is highlighted by the magazine in red, although on the other hand there are the activities where there is a high occupancy of people, where we speak of an agglomeration with more than 100 people, who, although they are outdoors, but if they are using the mask improperly, are shouting and singing the risk of contagion is also high.

He stressed that consequently those places where there is high occupancy are poorly ventilated for a long time and without the proper use of the mask and without adequate distance, the risk is still much higher for all those people who remain in these places and in these prolonged activities

He added that among the population with the highest risk are also classified all those people who currently do not have even the first dose of the vaccine against covid-19.

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Millions at risk

According to the covid-19 board, 53% of the population, which means more than 6 million people, are at high risk because they can be infected with the disease and present serious symptoms that will require hospitalization.

Contagion risks

Health details the risks that are run depending on the capacity and the space where people are.

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