In San Martín, the Cambia Mendoza list obtained a resounding triumph over Kirchnerism

In the primaries developed yesterday, Change Mendoza It was imposed in all the categories disputed in the most populated department of eastern Mendoza, San Martin, many years governed by Peronism.

In the elections PASO developed in San Martin, in the category of councilors, the 503 A list of Cambia Mendoza made an overwhelming difference to that of the Frente de Todos “Volver a Believe”, which implies a notable boost for the management of radical Raúl Rufeil.

According to official data, in the hand between winning lists, the one headed by Mario Rivero from Cambia Mendoza, beat Kirchnerist Alejandro Ravazzani by a difference of 11,735 votes, according to official data and with 99.28% of the polls scrutinized.

Ravazzani’s Kirchnerist list reached 7,880 votes in the entire department, while Rivero’s reached 19,615 votes, which clearly speaks of what happened on this electoral Sunday in the department.

While the Democratic list of “Vamos Mendocinos!”, Reached 2,236 votes, ranking as the third most voted and the Green Party occupies the fourth place.

This wide difference obtained by the Cambia Mendoza list, translates as citizen support to Mayor Raúl Rufeil, who has only been in office for 21 months and had to assume with a high debt in the municipal coffers.

The victory of Cambia Mendoza is explained by the strong presence of the municipality on issues that even go beyond its obligations, such as vaccination against the pandemic, the demand for works in historically deferred districts, the structural work undertaken in the City and an excellent image enjoyed by the communal chief.

It should be noted that citizen participation in San Martín, exceeded 72%, much higher than the average of other departments in the province.

Cambia Mendoza prevailed in all categories, not only of councilors but also national senators, national deputies, provincial senators and provincial deputies (in the latter are candidates Daniel Llaver and Claudia Salas) in line with what happened in the province of Mendoza.

Former Peronist mayor Jorge Giménez, today added to the ranks of La Cámpora, is running as a candidate for alternate national senator for the Frente de Todos.

On November 14, general elections will be held throughout the country.

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