In Qatar 2022, offside would be sanctioned by technology as intended by FIFA

In the Qatar 2022 World Cup, the sanction of the advanced position could be sanctioned by the use of technology, with the aim of accelerating “decision-making” and not delaying the game, as is currently the case with the video arbitration system (VAR), according to what Fifa plans.

The Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo announced today that Fifa is preparing “a revolutionary change with offside, which comes after the controversial final of the League of Nations between Spain and France in which the Gauls took the title with a controversial goal ”.

In this regard, Arsène Wenger, in charge of Fifa’s Global Development, announced that “the idea is to continue advancing in the speed of decision-making, particularly in terms of offside”.

The former English Arsenal manager told Goal magazine that “in the 2022 World Cup we will be much better able to make very quick offside decisions. It will stop the game less because that is what the VAR can be blamed for. “

“There is a good chance that the offside will be automated for Qatar 2022. It will be the next big breakthrough in refereeing,” he added.

The leader stressed that the new decision “does not go against the VAR, which is still positive, because if it were announced tomorrow that the VAR was being removed, people would be against it. The VAR is a new process and the people within the VAR may not be at the level of the umpires. It will improve with the years since it is a useful help and must remain to make fairer decisions ”.

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