In Coronel Suárez, Together won the PASO and Flavio Diez gave the surprise

Coronel Suárez had an election that nobody expected since the intern of the Frente de Todos was for Flavio Diez, who beat Néstor Carbini, the candidate of Mayor Ricardo Moccero.

Above them, Lourdes Fernández, the Juntos candidate, won the largest number of votes, with 8,831 votes, 38% of the total, and beat the two lists of the Frente de Todos that made 37.53% of the votes.

“It is a result that although we expected, we did not know how the people would react and with these votes he showed us that he wants a change and that he noticed in us the sincerity and the desire to work,” said Fernández.

The current Chief of Cabinet, Néstor Carbini, did not want to make statements after the electoral setback that left him third in the PASO, obtaining 4,216 votes, although the municipal mayor Ricardo Moccero did, who mentioned that “from now on we will have to work hard for November and know what people want. We will also have to review the work area by area ”.

Among other things, he maintained that “I work hard, from 7 in the morning every day to bring work to Coronel Suárez, housing and investment in health, but obviously the list failed to convince the population.”

Moccero hinted that the relationship with Flavio Diez is not the best, but they will still try to achieve a common project, although he said that if it does not materialize, he does not rule out that they can separate their seats in the next composition of the Deliberative Council.

Diez made a very good choice since it is the first time he has run as a candidate in Coronel Suárez: he received 4,457 votes, 19.29% of the total, which positioned him as the winner in the front of the Frente de Todos and will be the first candidate in November.

“It is a merit of the great work team that we have, all working people, who know the people. I want to congratulate all Coronel Suárez for this election, “he said.

Further behind were Rubén Allende of Fit-U, with 1,314 votes, 5.69%, and very close was César Cabrera of Avanza Libertad with 1,303 votes (5.64%). Then, with 778 votes, was Juan Pablo Simon, from Vamos con Vos and finally Juan Manuel Schwindt from Nos, who obtained 373 votes. (Coronel Suárez Agency).

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