In California, a mother and her three children are found dead

CALIFORNIA.- Authorities of the Merced County in California, located the body of a woman and her three lifeless children inside a house.

The minors had 8, 5 and 3 years old, As reported AP.

The discovery was made during a wellness check, where the children’s mother was also found, Patricia Ortiz, with injuries that seemed self-inflicted, in addition to the fact that his 31-year-old partner was taken to a hospital where he was expected to be released to be taken to jail, he stated. Daryl Allen, deputy and police spokesman.

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The children’s cause of death is unknown.

The authorities so far have not released the cause of death of the children, nor have they given more details about the crime and injuries presented by Patricia Ortiz, because the investigation is still ongoing.

For their part, the children were identified as Anna 8 years old, Matteo from 5 and Alexa of 3.

Regarding the facts, a neighbor of the family commented that he was at home when heard a man scream and then saw him walking back and forth in an apartment complex.

He said: My children were killed! That’s when I realized that something serious had happened there in the house,” Elias Vargas told KFSN-TV.

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