In Adolfo Alsina, Fernando López was the winner of the day

The current candidate for official councilor Fernando “Fano” López, was imposed not only in the intern of Together for Change in Adolfo Alsina, but he was also the candidate with the highest number of votes, obtaining 3,686 votes.

The intern was disputed with former councilman Facundo Montenegro, who obtained 2,389 votes.

“Today the neighbors of Adolfo Alsina chose this list over all the others because it is very federal, and they mostly chose the options of this space Together; for this reason, with the results confirmed by the electoral board, we will sit down to dialogue with the other list in the space, ”said the winner.

For the space El Frente de Todos, the list headed by the current candidate for councilor Fabio Fernández prevailed with 1,032 votes, above the list headed by Luciano Arrarás (551) and the one with Beatriz Ludovico, the current president, as the main candidate of the PJ, who got 521 votes.

“What we sensed happened after contact with people on the tours. We would have been surprised by a different result. The only thing left is the dialogue to add to the other lists that were left out ”, commented Fernández

For his part, Nelson Alvarez, from the space Vamos con vos, obtained 611 votes, which leaves him in a position to contest the seats of the CD in the next elections in November.

The electoral process went smoothly in Adolfo Alsina, with a good number of voters, with the participation of almost 70% of the electoral roll. (Carhué Agency)

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