IMSS asks to reduce excess weight to combat respiratory infections such as COVID-19

People with obesity do not have an adequate immune system to fight respiratory infections such as the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes COVID-19, so it is important that they go to Social Security preventive services to reduce safely the pounds of overweight. The Institute announced that the accumulated fat produces in the body a state of continuous inflammation that reduces the quality and effectiveness of the immune system.

In this pandemic, the IMSS announced that due to the physical inactivity derived from the confinement, it is estimated that people gained up to four kilos on average.

Dr. Diego Balcón Caro, coordinator of Medical Nutrition Programs of the Health Promotion Division, said that within the framework of the PrevenIMSS Tips campaign, vaccination is the best protection weapon because “overweight and obesity are factors of very important risk to develop a serious illness of COVID or death ”. In addition, he urged to continue with hand hygiene measures, correct use of face masks and avoid crowds.

He invited overweight people to go to the Social Security Family Medicine Units and undergo the PrevenIMSS checkup at least once a year, as there are those who stopped going to preventive services for fear of contagion of COVID -19. “It is vitally important to know how our health is and, above all, to stay active and have good weight control,” he stressed.

He added that people with obesity can develop different health problems such as joint injuries, sleep apnea (which is manifested by snoring and does not allow a restful rest), as well as develop chronic conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, kidney, fatty liver, metabolic syndrome and even cancer.

In this context, he pointed out that the PrevenIMSS strategy in Family Medicine Units includes components that range from health promotion, nutrition, prevention and detection of diseases, as well as reproductive health. He said that specifically the NutrIMSS program focuses on promoting healthy eating and physical activity to the population, through educational sessions and with specific actions for beneficiaries with chronic-degenerative diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure, minors and pregnant women.

Through NutrIMSS, “we provide the population with small tips and nutritional education, so that the patient can know that what is being carried to the body through food is the best in terms of nutrient quality and quantity as well.”

The coordinator of Medical Programs of the IMSS recommended for people with overweight and obesity, healthy, varied and sufficient diet, perform physical activity daily for 30 minutes or more, and seek a sleep time of at least seven hours a day, “thus the body he can be with all the energy and health to face the day to day ”. He stressed that in all medical units strict security measures are carried out for patients and workers; temperature is taken from the entrance, a healthy distance is sought, the use of alcohol gel or hand washing, and a mask placed in an appropriate way throughout the time within the facility.

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