“Immoral” that Emilio Lozoya is exhibited in luxury restaurants, highlights AMLO

MEXICO CITY.- As immoral the president qualified Andrés Manuel López Obrador the fact that Emilio Lozoya Austin, former director of Petroleum Mexicans (Pemex), has been exhibited in a luxury restaurant in the Mexico City, even if the law allows it.

Is immoral”, He answered a question about the photographs that circulated over the weekend on social networks.

“Outrage that I’m eating at a fancy restaurant, even though legally you can do it, he is a witness to acts of corruption that damaged Mexico“, I consider.

Peña Nieto energy reform was approved with bribes

The president noted that the 2013 energy reform was approved with bribes, “Moches”, which were distributed to legislators to vote in favor.

A great immorality, is very relevant, it is not something alien to what we are dealing with because what we want to correct (with your initiative of electrical reform) originated from the corruption denounced by Mr. Lozoya and that the Prosecutor’s Office is attending: they are complaints against legislators and those who received money, that is what is involved in this case, “he said.

“There must be prompt and expeditious justice”: AMLO

The president indicated that “hopefully the Prosecutor’s Office (FGR) report on the status of Emilio Lozoya and the investigations into the case.

“There must be prompt and expeditious justice, I hope that the Prosecutor’s office inform how the trial is going and also that the importance of transparency be analyzed, that it be given more weight, the same that is given to the so-called due process ”, he specified.

Lopez Obrador asked the FGR report on what has been done with the case Odebrecht.

Hopefully it will be reported how the investigation process is going, what has been done with OdebrechtWhat has been done in the case of the fertilizer plant that was bought at a very high price. I am in favor of there being no impunity for anyone, that the law be applied evenly, “he said.

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