Immediate reaction: the blue dollar plummets

The results of the PASO had an immediate effect on the price of the blue dollar. The North American currency that is traded in the informal market had a big fall in the first hours of Monday due to the defeat of the Front of All.

A few minutes after noon, the blue dollar It was trading at 179 for purchase and 182 for sale, three pesos less than its closing on Friday.

Analysts had anticipated that the price del blue could take a leap if Kirchnerism obtained a huge victory in the Open Primary. The reality was that FdT lost practically everywhere in the country, and that was reflected in the price.

One of the indications that there could be a drop in the blue dollar It was given last night, after the preliminary numbers of the PASO were known. The dollar Crypto started to go down once it became known that PASO benefited Juntos por el Cambio, and that trend carried over to the informal market.

The price of the blue dollar falls after the STEP.

For now, the rest of the quotes remain stable. The dollar The official one is sold at 103.77 pesos, while the solidarity one at 170.36 pesos.


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