‘I lost my left ear’; Sergio Mayer details his medical part

Sergio Mayer, a former deputy, was reported ill and affected by a virus this Monday. Linked live with Azucena Uresti for Radio Fórmula, he said that he completely lost the hearing in his left ear, and although it could be irreversible, he is working to regain his hearing.

Live for the radio, Mayer gave his medical part in detail: he had sudden hearing loss, then acute viral esophagitis, pain in the esophagus, and this caused him acute kidney failure. The former deputy explained, in a calm voice, that “he is in good hands and that he will move forward.”

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He told Uresti that his throat hurts a lot and that he will undergo a study to rule out tumors. He said he was affected by a virus that affects one person in 100,000, but said he did not know the name of such virus

“The virus affects the ear, throat and kidneys. I do not know what the virus is called,” he said, but ruled out that it is COVID-19.

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This Monday morning, the morning program “Hoy” had the live participation of actor Sergio Mayer to talk about the legal processes he faces, however he could not appear, as reported because he is apparently hospitalized for the attack by A virus.

Through the Instagram of the American program “Despierta América” ​​a photograph was disseminated in which he is affected, but in the same report the presence of the COVID-19 virus and therefore the possibility that he is intubated was ruled out.

Mayer faces a complaint for influence peddling by Héctor Parra.

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