“I expect more from Dybala. Here’s who will play defense”

Massimiliano Allegri

Will there be any changes tomorrow? Can Kaio Jorge play?
“There will certainly be changes tomorrow. We are all quite well except Danilo who is not yet available and Bonucci who yesterday had a resentment and we will find him again after the break ”.

Does Arthur confirm as Morata confirmed?
“I have already said, this is the Juventus squad and with these players we must reach the end of the season in the best possible way. We are growing as a team, we are working with the utmost commitment to get the best results and we just have to remain calm ”.

Arthur, Melo Arthur

Can Pellegrini play?
“Tomorrow he could play from the start, Cuadrado returns. We also have De Sciglio and Alex Sandro who, apart from that naivety, played a great game. Returned to its levels also from the defensive aspect “.

Szczesny and Kulusevski play?
“Szczesny returns, the situation is now in order. I have the doubt between Kulusevski and. Bernardeschi, they both played a good match then the changes will be important tomorrow “.

Is all these contracts expiring a problem or is there too much surprise?
“There is too much amazement, it is normal. In all jobs it works like this, at the end of the contract it is not that you commit the company less. . But as long as you play you play, then if you do well At Juve you will find another opportunity, otherwise you won’t. The only way is to do well on the pitch “.

Paulo Dybala

Giorgio Chiellini

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