‘I am very afraid,’ says Inés Gómez Mont about her arrest warrant

Inés Gómez Mont insists on being innocent and that an injustice is being committed after the Mexican authorities requested an arrest warrant against her now for tax matters, which she says she had already had conclusive agreements with the SAT and PRODECON.

The foregoing was declared by the television presenter in a statement published on her social networks this Thursday, where she expresses the fear that she feels at the criminal procedure that, according to what she says, began “when you did not have the legal powers to do so.”

He also pointed out that the authorities were liars, since when the press was notified of his arrest warrant, it did not yet exist.

“Apparently it was more important for those authorities that I be tried and sentenced in the forum of public opinion (…) It is regrettable because the judge could have given us the opportunity to go free to deny any accusation. This opportunity no longer exists. The judge ordered their imprisonment in a maximum security prison ”.


Inés, who is a fugitive from justice, ended her statement saying that “they want to shut her up, but she will continue to raise her voice with all her might.”

“Although I am very afraid that these abuses will continue, I have faith that the truth will continue to come out and our innocence will be proven. I repeat it and I support it, I am innocent and this is an injustice ”.


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