"I am certainly not the most popular BVB employee"

In the new “kicker meets DAZN” edition, BVB marketing director Carsten Cramer talks about the “narrow ride” of his work – and the great advantage of the Dortmund club colors.

Responsible for “all commercial issues” at BVB: Carsten Cramer.

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Borussia Dortmund is a globally known brand, but prefers not to call itself that. The word doesn’t hurt “in that sense,” says Carsten Cramer, “but we are well advised not to speak of a ‘brand’, but of a football club.”

And Cramer knows best what he is talking about: He is the managing director and head of marketing at BVB and in this role he is “responsible for all commercial issues”, as he says in the new edition of the “kicker meets DAZN” podcast. He is very well aware that these are all terms to which some fans have an allergic reaction.

“I’m certainly not the most popular employee at Borussia Dortmund with our fans, because it’s my job too (The radiance of BVB, editor’s note) to use commercially to increase economic efficiency. It is a very small ride to do marketing for a football club, “said the 52-year-old.

“Which brand has fans? Most have customers”

But: “I see it as a blessing that we have fans. Because which brand has fans? Most have customers. How many companies distribute giveaways and they are not used? And we sell 500,000 jerseys a year and people wear them – and that in their free time – and are ambassadors for Borussia Dortmund. There is no greater luxury. ”

An important part of the “brand” BVB was there long before Cramer. “We have a huge advantage,” he says, also referring to the perception abroad, “our club colors. Nobody has them, at least at football level. That is why we make sure that we always appear in yellow as far as possible, because that is a high one Recognition ensures. ” He thinks the black and yellow color scheme is “really cool. It expresses the contrast to the maximum. Blue-white, red-white – that is all average in terms of color theory.”

In the new “kicker meets DAZN” edition, you can also hear what Cramer says about the dialogue between the marketing department and BVB fans, the origin of the claim “Real Love” and what it is like to be next to Hans-Joachim Watzke in the stadium sit.

Listen to the new “kicker meets DAZN” episode now:

KMD # 101 - Carsten Cramer

13. September 202101:46:05 hours

KMD # 101 – Carsten Cramer

After the big anniversary for the 100th episode, kicker meets DAZN now finally has to tackle adult football topics. In the new episode, Alex and Benni invited the Dortmund managing director Carsten Cramer to talk to him about “the BVB brand”, the looming alienation of fans and the possible role model for US sport. Of course, the 4th Bundesliga matchday is analyzed and especially the two top games are looked at: kicker reporter Oliver Hartmann explains the situation at RB Leipzig after the clear bankruptcy against Bayern, and the KMD crew gets to the sports comrade Wirtz and Brandt in raptures. And at the end of the episode, there’s even a big surprise as a candy for all true KMD ultras!

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