How to stop hair loss in women: the steps to solve this problem

Specialists can guide us by finding the true cause of the fall, in order to choose the correct solutions. Get to know the recommendation of the experts on the subject and their recommendations.

Not only men

Many think that it is a problem unique to men, but women also suffer from it. “It is estimated that 50% of women have experienced hair loss at some time, and this is a large percentage,” says Dr. Alejandra Susacasa, one of the founders of Hair Recovery (MN 84966). “There are some factors that can cause some women to be more affected than others, such as age, hormonal problems, after pregnancy, women who use too many chemicals in their hair, menopause and even it is in the hereditary factor, such as it happens with men ”, explains Susacasa.

“In addition, a poor diet or stress is always a great factor that contributes to hair loss,” says Alejandra Susacasa. “Fortunately, there are very simple solutions that will not continue to stress the patient during their treatment,” he says.

Straight to the root

We come from difficult times and stress and lack of sun also affect women’s hair. “Many women have a vitamin D deficiency, deficient diets where many times they deprive themselves of basic foods of the nutritional pyramid and as a consequence they have a lack of nutrients that are essential for the scalp, skin and capillary health,” says Dr. Mabel Amen (MN 74613) dermatologist on the Hair Recovery staff, giving us her insight. “The pandemic affected both men and women, and their hair was no exception,” he explains.
“Faced with the anxiety of hair loss, many people go to home remedies, or end up buying unproven products, little studied and that do not give them results. They can even make the situation worse, ”Dr. Amen tells us.

“That is why it is important to consult a professional, or trust laboratories that really have an endorsement with the products they offer,” he says.

Hair Recovery offers the Scientific Lab line, with a wide range of washing products and ampoules that can revive hair. “Nutrifol ampoules are a great treatment to give the hair bulb a vitamin shock and stimulate growth or stop hair loss,” says Mabel Amen, “in addition, it can be done from the comfort of each patient’s home, they can be ordered online and having the products delivered to your home is a very good option ”, he says.

Hair recovery and maintenance treatments

These non-invasive treatments are a great solution, because they do not affect the lives of patients and provide them with a technological solution to stop the fall, both for men and women.

“The Plasma Hair technique is a great innovation in regenerative medicine, it is a platelet-rich plasma technique that takes nutrients from the patient’s blood and uses them to nourish their hair bulbs”, says Dr. Alejandra Susacasa . “Patients notice a great change, and also this treatment can be used as a complement to other treatments, such as transplants,” he says.

Another popular non-invasive treatment option is Nutrifol, available from Hair Recovery. “It is a mesotherapy technique that applies nutrients to the hair root, stimulating growth,” says Alejandra Susacasa, “it is not a painful treatment, it is simple, and patients can resume their life immediately after the session,” she adds. .
“Nutrifol is really popular and patients are happy with the results. It is very chosen especially by women, since it gives them the nutrients exactly where their hair is asking for them: the root ”, says Susacasa.

So, what to do?

“First of all, the ideal is to consult a professional, to hit the key with the treatment to be chosen. Wasting time, or spending money and energy on treatments or products that do not work, only leads the patient to have more stress, ”explains Dr. Susacasa. “We can guide them, advise them and always with the vision of a professional, which is necessary in issues like this,” he adds.

“You have to choose reliable companies and products with support to start with the solution as soon as possible,” says Dr. Mabel Amen, “many patients listen to the recommendations of friends, search the Internet for miracle solutions, and end up with anxiety because they really do not know what path to take to get closer to the solution. A professional will always be the best ”, Mabel Amen closes.

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