How to make a homemade manicure

Classic or offbeat, the manicure is the ideal finish to give tone to our outfit. The real challenge? Achieving perfect nail beauty, without having to seek the help of a professional. Here are the tips for masterfully mastering your homemade manicure.

Successful home manicure: the essential steps

Take care of your nails

It’s not rocket science, to have beautiful nails and keep them healthy, it is important to take care of them. In the same way as our hands, confronted daily with pollution, cold, water, etc. Our nails are subject to external aggressions. It is therefore necessary to treat them with a hand and nail cream.

File your nails

Any good manicure starts with filing the nails. This key step, which aims to give them or restore the shape of the nails you want, makes it possible in particular to provide them with strength – and to avoid seeing them break or split. Be careful, however, to file them correctly!

Hydrate your cuticles

Often neglected, the cuticles are nevertheless the most fragile areas of our hands, which deserve our full attention. These small skins that surround and protect our nails must be hydrated to best resist the various attacks they are subjected to. To take care of the cuticles, simply soak our fingers in warm water, then massage them with a moisturizer or oil.

Whiten your nails

Nail polish, tobacco, and sometimes even hormones can dull our nails and leave ugly marks on them. To lighten them and get rid of unsightly stains, just whiten your nails. A method that can be applied using homemade recipes, or by obtaining special care in pharmacies, which will allow them to regain their natural color.

Apply your varnish

Nail polish is the essential step for a successful manicure. While it seems easy to do, it is often done with a lot of mistakes. Here are the 8 mistakes we all make with our nail polish.

Apply a base

Regardless of the manicure you want to achieve, you first apply a base. This will protect your nails and make them much more resistant. Another advantage: to obtain a long-lasting manicure. Indeed, this thin layer allows you to see a better adhesion of the varnish on your nail. And therefore, better maintenance.

Apply your varnish

First stage ? Choose your varnish. Regardless of the varnish color, whether it’s ultra pop or you prefer a nude varnish, the application method remains the same. We start by applying a first layer starting from the cuticle of his nail. Then let it dry well, before applying a second coat of varnish. For the latter, it is advisable to exceed slightly on the edge of your nail since as it dries, the formula shrinks. By using this trick, the nail will remain fully covered. Even if it means erasing the overflows with a cotton swab and solvent or a felt solvent sold on the market.

Apply a top coat

The final touch: the application of a top coat. This special varnish finalizes our beauty treatment and will allow your nails to be sublimated. The top coat also protects our varnish and prevents it from flaking, in addition to giving it a longer lifespan.

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