How to block unknown calls on iPhone

There is nothing more annoying than unwanted calls from strangers and robots that ring your iPhone all day. As with spam e-mail a few years ago, robocalling scams account for about 50 percent of all phone traffic. So it will always be useful to know how to block unknown calls on iPhone.

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The FCC takes action


You know something is out of control when the feds jump in. While the authorities allow certain types of robocalls, such as airline flight cancellation notifications, appointment reminders, or local public service messages, the government prohibits companies from calling people to promote the sale of products and services. On June 6, 2019, the FCC unanimously approved a new rule that allows carriers to automatically block illegal and unwanted unapproved calls before they reach your phone.

Operators were already allowed to block suspicious calls, but only if the subscribers proposed it. Now, operators can block calls without prior permission. That sounds great, except that it could cause you to miss an important call, as automated calls from legitimate sources like your doctor’s office might (sometimes) even be blocked.

For their part, health care, banking and credit card companies are working to ensure that their own permitted auto-generated calls can get through.

Here are some tips on how to avoid robocalls on your iPhone.

Not answer

If you use your iPhone less for calling and more for its other smart features, and you don’t have children, family, or close friends who call you, it’s easy to just mute it and ignore it until the caller leaves a message – if they leave a message. . If you see an unknown unidentified number among your missed calls and the person did not leave a message, simply delete the call. Make sure your friends and family know that they should always leave a message if you don’t answer. When you answer an automated call, your number could become the target of further annoyance, as now they know that you are an answering person. That increases the chances that your number will reach the hands of a human who could try to obtain information or trick you into robbing you.

Mute unknown calls

In its constant effort to improve security, Apple added a new feature in iOS called Mute unknown calls. This setting is designed to protect your phone from calls from spam or whose origin you do not know. Activating it is simple.

  • In Setting, touch Telephone.
  • Activate control of Silence unknown calls.

With it, iOS uses the intelligence of Siri, with its learning algorithms, to let through calls from numbers that are between your contacts, mail and messages applications. All the others go automatically to voicemail.

Still, you must be careful not to miss important calls from people who are not among your contacts. Always check your voicemail.

Use special ringtones

You can use your iPhone to associate certain sounds with specific numbers to know for sure when a friend or family member is looking for you. You can even have a specific ringtone for each person.

  • Open the Phone app and click Contacts:.
  • Open someone’s contact information and tap Edit.
  • open Ringtone to see the list of default sounds, or your own custom tones.
  • Choose the tone you want to assign to that person.
  • Touch Ready to return to your contact’s main screen.
  • The name of the ringtone will now appear next to the contact and you will hear it when that person calls you.

Block individual numbers

Blocking numbers is straightforward, although that might not resolve the issue of robocalls. People who commit toll scams know you can do this and they avoid it by using different numbers each time they call you. Blocking a number isn’t bad, but it probably won’t help you in the long run.

  • Open the phone.
  • Go to the tab Recent and tap the information icon next to the number you want to block.
  • Then choose Block this contact to put it on your blocked list.

Do not bother

Apple’s Do Not Disturb feature only notifies you when you receive calls from a contact. All other numbers go into the background silently.

  • open Setting.
  • Touch Do not bother.
  • Choose Allow calls from.
  • Touch All contacts.

Regardless of the strategy or combination of methods you use to combat unwanted calls, it is a fact that you will enjoy more tranquility, as well as a lot of peace. Now that the artillery of governments and corporations has the so-called criminals in their sights, it is a matter of time before they come to an end.

Join the “Do Not Call” list

Although this only works for users within the United States and will not necessarily filter all unwanted calls, there is nothing wrong with including your information on this list, as it will be illegal for a legitimate seller to contact you by phone. Just go to the site and enter the number of the cell phone you want to add. Or call 1-888-382-1222 from the phone number you want to include. Your number will remain on the list until you specifically request that it be removed or changed. The “Do Not Call” list removes you from business call lists, although it may take up to a month to activate. Political organizations, charities and pollsters can call you. Sites you’ve done business with in the last 18 months can also legally call you.

You can also file a complaint about an automated call with the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Use your operator’s resources

The main operators can now identify, filter and prevent automated calls from reaching you. In response to FCC rules, 12 US carriers pledged to implement new technologies to identify automated calls.

As part of this commitment, they offer free tools for users to combat these calls. For now, the most important operators offer free basic services and premium services for a monthly amount, since they had a term until June 30, 2021 to implement them. Meanwhile, small providers have a term of up to June 30, 2022.

AT&T: Your subscribers can use a free iOS app called AT&T Call Protect. It features automatic fraud blocking and potential spam warnings, plus you can manually block unwanted calls. The premium version costs $ 4 per month.

Verizon: This company offers a free service of call blocking and it has already identified 300 million spam and fraud numbers. A premium version costs $ 3 a month.

T-Mobile: It offers network-level features to combat spam and automated calls. The automatic Scam ID system identifies fraudulent numbers when your phone rings. Scam Block allows you to block them by dialing # 662 # (you disable it with # 632 #). These appless features work automatically in the background on the network. T-Mobile also offers the service Name ID for $ 4 a month, which identifies and provides information about the caller, such as their name, location, and type of organization.

Sprint: Customers of this operator can use the free My Sprint service, or sign up for their service Premium Caller ID to be protected from robocalls and phone spoofing. This service costs $ 3 a month and has a threat level indicator, so users know how suspicious a call is. It doesn’t block spam calls automatically, but by looking at the degree of threat you can decide whether to answer, block the number, or report it.

Use an app to block robocalls

There are several good apps for blocking calls on the App Store. Most offer a free version and a cost version with more features. Just make sure you know what you’re doing with third-party apps; This year it was discovered that several apps people trusted to block spam calls were collecting and monetizing their information. These are some of the most popular.


This application uses predictive call blocking technology and 24/7 protection to control who can call you and who cannot. Fraudulent calls are automatically added to your list of blocked numbers without your phone ringing. You can reverse the process temporarily if you expect a call from an unknown number. Choose which numbers you want to block and which ones you allow. In addition, you can check all the missed and blocked calls, to see who is trying to contact you. You also have the option to fight sellers with automated responses (Answer Bots).


Truecaller identifies and blocks spam calls. This application uses a community list of fraudulent numbers created with more than 250 million users. Automatically identify spam, fraud, and robocalls before you answer.


This app offers protection from more than 1.5 million robocalls, vendors and scams, with more than 1,500 robocall numbers identified every day. Nomorobo is smart enough to distinguish between good automated calls, like weather alerts, and bad ones, like salespeople. It doesn’t identify robocalls (that leaves that to you) but it does block phone spoofing. Its database contains thousands of automated messages.

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