How much is the fortune of Lauren Sánchez, Jeff Bezos’ Latin girlfriend

Lauren Sanchez, of Latino descent, is the woman who conquered one of the most powerful men in the world, owner of the American e-commerce company Amazon, Jeff Bezos. In addition to being beautiful, now the intrigue is how much is her fortuna.

Lauren Sanchez he is a journalist, he has 52 years And, in addition to being very sexy, she is known for her work as a news anchor and entertainment reporter. He has worked on recognized shows like “The View”, “Good Day LA” and “Extra”.

Likewise, he has also participated in films such as “Fight Club”, “Fantastic Four” and “Ted 2.” Have a 19 year old son His name is Nikko, who is the product of his love with former NFL player Tony González.

As part of your marriage to Patrick Whitesell, He also has 2 little ones: Evan and Ella. It should be remembered that they married in 2005 and divorced 14 years later, in 2019. Strong rumors assure that the sexy Sánchez was already secretly dating Jeff Bezos, without being separated yet.

Although speculation goes directly that their relationship is due to interest in the richest man in the world, the reality is that he stole her heart and this is how they look since their romance was made public.


The fortune of Lauren Sánchez

Although many may believe that he started his relationship with Jeff Bezos for money, far from that is the famous journalist and presenter. Yes, of millionaire, she became a billionaire and that cannot be denied, at least if the relationship with the founder of Amazon lasts over time.

While his new relationship was unknown, he maintained a life of luxury, but with a low profile. However, after being related to Jeff Bezos, more details of Lauren began to come out.

In either case, the truth is that as indicated The Hollywood Reporter and the specialized site Celebrity Net Worth, Lauren Sanchez holds a fortune valued at 30 million dollars.

“I had my job, I had my career, and then I found my calling”, Explain. He said that he always earned everything he has and now his love not only exposes him with Bezos, but for flying airplanes, which was something his father, Ray, had taught him:

“I was always in the hangar with him, I grew up there, but I didn’t know anything about flying”, explained. Many will believe that her life of luxury is now due to the fortune of her new millionaire boyfriend, but no.

Sánchez has his own fortune thanks to what is the founder of the Helicopter company Black Ops Aviation and he has known how to surround himself with many Hollywood stars to earn everything he has.

What do you think of the relationship between Lauren Sanchez Y Jeff Bezos?

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